Dr Tawfik Sefrioui is among the pioneer of Female Intimate Surgery. He Founded the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute with Dr David Matlock in Morocco and was trained in Los Angeles with Dr Matlock and in New York with Dr Marco Pelosi.
Dr Tawfik Sefrioui has continued his medical education in this Field with many other cosmetic surgeons around the globe and he is today a prominent member of many international societies in this field and a leading speaker in most international cosmetogynecology meetings worldwide as well as an international preceptor in this field today in Morocco and many other countries.
Dr Tawfik Sefrioui did two Obgyn residencies one in Tunisia and one Obgyn Residency at the George Washington University Medical School with a Fellowship in Gyn Oncology and Breast oncology and reconstruction , joined Brown University as an Associate Professor than continues his long and tremendous training as a cosmetic surgeon with great experience in the field of cosmetic Gynecology and today, the inventor of the scarless vaginal rejuvenation with fat transfer using enhanced fat with stem cells to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with fat transfer and treating Stress Urinary Incontinence.
Dr Tawfik Sefrioui is a Father of Genital Surgery in Morocco and was the first Surgeon introducing this Field in Morocco.
For our sexuality, the genital area is the most important part of our body.
This is where we experience joy, pleasure and satisfaction. It is our most intimate region.
We keep it hidden from the eyes of others – except for those moments when we are prepared to reveal it to people we love or feel affectionate about. It is just natural that in these moments we want to feel comfortable and content with our appearance.
Given the special significance of this anatomical area, any surgical changes should be performed with the utmost commitment to a perfect new appearance.
Labia correction needs to be performed with great skill and diligence, using the appropriate technique, in order to achieve an aesthetically appealing result. Contrary to what is often assumed, the procedure is not about simply “cutting something off”, but requires a great deal of experience.
We perform Scarless vaginal rejuvenation from THERMIVA, EXILIS ULTRA, PETIT LADY to Vaginal Fat Transfer into the vagina and Labia majora then Sexual enhancement with the Amplification of the Kamasutra Shot with Stem cells.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Aging, childbirth, massive weight loss, or genital injury can lead to aesthetic or functional issues in the vulvovaginal area, including laxity of the vaginal walls, vaginal dryness or irritation, or stretched contours of the vulva. These conditions can affect both your personal comfort and self-confidence, preventing you from fully enjoying life. Dr Tawfik Sefrioui can perform vaginal rejuvenation at his Casablanca facility to restore or enhance the vagina’s cosmetic appearance as well as function. Be it through skillful surgery or non-invasive ThermiVa you can find a treatment option that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic goals at our cosmetic surgery practice.
Vaginal Rejuvenation is a term used for procedures that electively treat specific concerns related to the area confined by the vulva. Its primary goal is to restore or enhance the vagina’s cosmetic appearance as well as function, utilizing either surgical or non-surgical measures depending upon on each patient's particular needs. Vaginal rejuvenation may be considered by women whose lifestyle has been hampered by changes in the internal and external vaginal tissues after childbirth or menopause. Stretched or sagging genital tissues and reduced sensation do not just pose a barrier to a satisfying sex life, they can also cause other problems, including:

  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness that leads to pain during sexual intercourse
  • Discomfort or pain during activities such as bike riding or horse riding
  • Discomfort in wearing tight clothes

Vaginal rejuvenation surgeries at our facility can involve vaginoplasty, in which the vaginal walls are tightened or a labiaplasty, in which the vulva or labia are contoured for a more desirable shape. In some cases, we can perform a customized combination of both procedures. Like all surgeries, any risks can be minimized by choosing an experienced and skilled surgeon like Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui. He is not only extensively trained, but he is also an innovator and respected teacher in his field. He is constantly investing in innovative technology that can help him deliver exceptional care and superior results for every patient and procedure.

Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui and his team also offer a non-surgical alternative for vaginal rejuvenation using ThermiVa. This therapy has been cleared by the FDA, and can tighten the labia and internal vaginal tissues using controlled radio frequency energy. The ThermiVa® vaginal laser treatment can help patients achieve their goals painlessly, with no downtime or side effects.
The ThermiVa® device is thin and wand-like, and patient hygiene is ensured as a single device is used for only one patient's treatment. The entire treatment is generally divided over three office appointments spaced one month apart, and each session typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes. This treatment relies on the radio frequency waves gently heating the tissues and boosting collagen production. Patients can see or feel the difference immediately, and experience the total benefits after the completion of the entire treatment.

ThermiVa is a new, unique, non-surgical and pain-free treatment for mild incontinence, vaginal dryness, loss of soft tissue volume and labial laxity. Using a unique radiofrequency gentle probe, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, along with improvement in sensitivity and reduction of symptoms of mild urinary incontinence can be achieved in 1-3 sessions.


We are excited to be one of the first practices in Morocco to offer the brand-new ThermiVa treatment, an innovative non-invasive vaginal tightening device developed by the makers of ThermiTight and ThermiLift. ThermiVa is the first non-invasive means to tighten loose vaginal skin, both the outer labia and inner vaginal canal. This not only restores the look of the vagina, but also helps with problems such as incontinence and lack of sexual pleasure due to laxity in the vaginal canal.


ThermiVa is a completely non-invasive device that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten loose skin. It is based on the same principles as the ThermiTight device, which is FDA approved to lift and tighten skin on the face and neck. ThermiVa is the first non-surgical vaginal tightening device available, and is exciting news for women who are suffering from loose, stretched, or enlarged labia and/or vaginal canals but don’t want to undergo a surgical labiaplasty. Many women suffer from lax vaginal canals and stretched labia, especially after childbirth. This can lead to a number of unpleasant side effects, including incontinence, lack of sexual pleasure, physical discomfort, and lack of sexual self-confidence. The ThermiVa treatment aims to address these issues in a painless, non-surgical manner.


ThermiVa is a painless procedure that requires no anesthesia or downtime. Patients can simply lie back and relax while the innovative S-shaped handpiece is moved over the labia and inside the vagina, gently heating and tightening the tissue. Patients have described the sensation as a gentle, warm massage. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and three treatments over three months are recommended for full results. Some people see immediate improvement directly after a procedure, while others may see gradual improvement for around two weeks afterwards. Results last for up to a year, and many patients report improved quality of life after a ThermiVa treatment. There is no need to live with vaginal laxity following childbirth or simply due to age – ThermiVa can help you regain lost firmness !


If you are suffering from any problems arising from vaginal laxity, don’t hesitate to contact Us about ThermiVa. To learn more about this treatment and to schedule your consultation, please contact us at 0522398689 today!


ThermiVa should be considered in post-partum women and can be performed during a tummy tuck or liposuction procedure.


After a confidential consultation with Dr. Sefrioui, an appointment for your non surgical vaginal rejuvenation will be made. In a private treatment room, Dr. Sefrioui will insert the Exilis Ultra Femme 360 to emit pulsating light energy, encouraging the natural production of collagen in the vagina. The technology is shaped like a wand and can be fitted with a personalized applicator tip size for your comfort. The procedure only takes about 8 minutes and requires little to no downtime. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the best results for your personal needs.


Women requesting non surgical vaginal rejuvenation may exhibit one or a combination of these conditions:

  • Vulvovaginal atrophy
  • A leaky bladder (mild-to-moderate urinary incontinence)
  • Less moisture and lubrication within the vagina
  • Itching and dryness
  • Uncomfortable sexual intercourse

Your non surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment will take place in a private, comfortable room. A technician will insert the Exilis Ultra Femme 360 (which is shaped like a wand or a rod) into your vagina. The device will use pulsating light energy stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin in an 8-minute session. You should be able to resume your day as normal after the appointment. Your dermatologist will tell you how many sessions may be needed at the consultation for the best results.


While most patients require more than one session, the effects of the nonsurgical rejuvenation treatment are fast acting and long lasting. The production of collagen within the vaginal tissue can help with a variety of issues, such as reducing urinary incontinence, improving loose skin, and increasing moisture within the vagina. Typically, our patients are often very pleased with their results and increased vaginal health.

ACTION II Petit Lady Vaginal Rejuvenation

Petit Lady treatment with Action II is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. It is a safe and comfortable treatment that awakens your feminine sensuality by regenerating collagen and rejuvenation of the vulva that tightens the vaginal tissues and canal to give you a young and “new” vagina.

Petit lady is an ideal painless solution for the treatment of a variety of gynecological conditions caused by post-delivery alterations and the natural aging process. Treatment leads to improvements in sexual intimacy, self-esteem, and the quality of your daily life while completely eliminating downtime and any risks of adverse events.

It is recommended for treatment of the following:
  • To tighten vagina and vestibule
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation makes the vestibule and vaginal canal narrower and increases the amount of friction produced during intercourse. These maximize sensation and enhance sexual satisfaction.
  • To reduce vaginal atrophy
  • Decreased estrogen levels at any age cause thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal wall. Symptoms related to vaginal atrophy are vaginal dryness, burning sensation, vaginal discharge, genital itching, burning with urination, and reduced vaginal lubrication during sexual activity. By rejuvenating the vaginal tissues, the function of the vagina improves and reduces symptoms of vaginal atrophy.
  • To enhance the appearance of pigmented vulva
  • Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation brings back the natural color and silky texture of the vulva area.
  • To improve post-delivery vaginal alterations
  • Pregnancy, labor and vaginal delivery creates trauma to vaginal tissues as well as alters the tightness, tone, and control. By restoring and rejuvenating vaginal tissues, the tightness and elasticity drastically improves.
  • To avoid symptoms of stress urinary incontinence
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is defined as unintentional or uncontrollable leakage of urine during daily activities that increase abdominal pressure (sneezing, exercising etc) due to the weakened tissues supporting the urethra. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation strengthens the tissues supporting the pelvic floor and the urethra.

The Petit Lady laser treatment gently tightens the vaginal tissues, remodels collagen and rejuvenates the vulva to revive the sensations and revitalize the tissue of the vagina.

As a woman goes through childbirth or natural ageing the tissue surrounding the vagina tends to expand and can become weakened, resulting in a condition that is called vaginal relaxation. In vaginal relaxation the muscles are relaxed and have poor tone, strength and control. The internal and external diameters increase. The muscles of the perineum are weak and poorly supported and under these circumstances the vagina is no longer at its optimum physiological state.


  • Vaginal Tightening
  • Remodels Collagen
  • Rejuvenates the vulva to revive the sensations
  • Urinary Stress Incontinence
  • Improves the appearance of pigmented vulva
  • Sexual gratification improvement

Petite Lady vs. MonaLisa Touch ( CO2Laser) which is the most common treatment proposed to women for scarless vaginal rejuvenation

Over the last two years, NEW innovative treatments for age related vaginal changes are becoming increasingly popular and women are asking about the differences between Petite Lady and the MonaLisa Touch. Petite Lady and MonaLisa TouchTM are the more common treatments used to treat atrophic vaginitis, vaginal dryness and pain during sex. Both are non-surgical procedures available as an in-office treatment designed and approved to treat a very specific condition typically caused by menopause, aging, childbirth and breast cancer survival.

Petite Lady and the MonaLisa Touch Mare different by definition. Each are promoted to achieve similar results for resolving the symptoms of menopause, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. The biggest difference between them is the type of laser used to increase blood flow and promote collagen growth. Petite Lady is a Erbium Laser device that achieves desired outcomes using a less invasive laser; whereas, the MonaLisa TouchTM uses laser energy to administer heat to penetrate deeper into vaginal tissue. The MonaLisa TouchTMCO2 laser is a fractional ablation device that uses harsh and strong laser energy in treating vaginal walls. With the fractionated laser a large and uncontrolled percentage of vaginal tissue is affected and stimulated for regrowth or thickening of vaginal tissue. It simply causes more pain and side effects both during and after the treatment in comparison to the Petite Lady. As it is more invasive the use of Mona Lisa Touch is going out of favour amongst practitioners. The dual-action of the Petite Lady and invasive action of MonaLisa TouchTM, both promote blood flow and collagen growth.

  • Petite Lady = Gentle Erbium Laser = heat
  • MonaLisa TouchTM = Harsh and powerful laser = heat + fractional ablation

Is treatment using the MonaLisa Touch or Petite Lady painful?

Petite Lady has been described as having less downtime and less pain than MonaLisa TouchTM by the professionals who are offering this treatment. This is merely an opinion but we are finding that Petite Lady’s treatments are less painful. The MonaLisa TouchTM is being performed by untrained nurses and although it requires no anesthesia or down time, the treatments are more invasive and therefore putting the patient at a greater risk of complications. Patients are able to return to normal activity immediately following both treatments but for optimal comfort and ability to partake in comfortable intercourse after treatment, the V institute patients prefer to have the Petite Lady treatment.

More Frequently Asked Questions about the MonaLisa TouchTM.

How long do results last using the MonaLisa TouchTM laser vs. Petite Lady?

Petite Lady reports that maintenance treatments are needed between 8 – 12 months versus the MonaLisa Touch’s 10 months. The dual-action of the fractional CO2 laser, heat and fractional ablation, should have a longer lasting effect. Neither are permanent as our bodies continuously age and skin cells including the vagina are damaged.

Does the MonaLisa TouchTM or Petite Lady improve or resolve stress incontinence?

Patients from both Petite Lady and MonaLisa Touch have had improvements or cessation in stress incontinence and urinary problems, but no studies are able to support these claims till date.

The vaginoplasty with lipofilling technique is a simple mini-invasive method that is not currently described in the literature. As the Inventor of this procedure I wanted to share my experience in that domain and illustrate its efficiency and safety.

My excellent results encouraged me to share my experience without any delay. A multicenter clinical trial is necessary to described more thoroughly the effectiveness of this technique and the stability of the results in the medium and long term, I am at the disposal of any interested team.

This Procedure is non invasive, safe when it is done properly and has many advantages:

  1. long term results
  2. Non-invasive
  3. No surgery and cutting in your vagina
  4. Excellent Vaginal tightening and amazing sexual enhancement
  5. TREATMENT of Stress urinary incontinence
  6. No downtime.

Labia Reduction

Enlarged labia minora is often a cause of embarrassment and discomfort. This condition can affect both younger and older women.
Labiaplasty, also known as a labia reduction, is a wonderful procedure that reduces the excess skin from the labia. This procedure is usually performed for not only aesthetic reasons but also for hygienic reasons. More women are seeking to have this done as part of Mommy makeover package or simply to improve the appearance of the labia folds. Young ladies that are dancers or gymnasts are also interested in labia reduction. This can be an embarrassing issue but can easily be addressed in less than an hour with the help of Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui.
Labiaplasty procedure can be safely performed to reduce the size of the labia minora by making the labia smaller, thinner, more comfortable, and very natural-looking. Doing so can help to improve both a woman’s appearance and self-esteem. There should be no change in sensitivity following surgery.

  • The best candidates for the surgery
  • The Labiaplasty Procedure

The best candidates are healthy non-smokers who have a positive outlook and realistic goals in mind. At the time of your consultation, your goals, the procedure, the routine postoperative healing process will all be explained in detail and all of your questions will be answered.
Your medical history will be reviewed to ensure you are a healthy candidate for surgery.

There are numerous surgical methods to reduce the size of the labia. Labiaplasty is a highly individualized procedure and is based on your anatomy and the goals you wish to achieve. The labia are contoured by using surgical techniques to create a natural, pleasing shape and contour. Sensitivity of the labia is preserved and scarring is virtually undetectable after complete healing.
Labiaplasty procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, takes 1 hour to perform, and is done under sedation. It can be done in the office under local anesthesia and oral sedation if desired.

Labia Correction

The correction of the labia is a relatively minor procedure. During the consultation with the Dr. Sefrioui, it will be determined whether the correction will be performed under local anaesthetics or with complete anaesthesia. Before the operation, it is accurately established how much of the inner lips (labia minora) can be removed. One of the functions of the labia minora is to prevent drying out of the vagina. For this reason they cannot be removed completely.

Sculpting of the Labia Majora

In children and adolescents, the texture of the labia majora is firm and plumb. However, with aging the skin of the labia majora can stretch significantly. In combination with the common age-related decline in fat tissue content and volume of the labia majora, this creates the look of flabby and long skin folds hanging down unsightly and potentially affecting function as well.
Fat grafting to the outer lips (labia majora) is often combined with reduction of the labia minora. As women age, volume loss in the outer lips will result in excess wrinkled skin resulting in a deflated appearance that many women dislike.
The fat is harvested from areas such as the abdomen, flanks, and/or inner thighs. Specialized micro fat grafting cannulas and low pressure syringes are used to minimize damage to the extracted fat cells. Prior to transfer of the fat cells, they are embedded with the patient’s own “plasma” (platelet-rich plasma). This plasma contains multiple growth factors that will stimulate revascularization, allowing more fat cells to survive and decreasing the chances of losing the transplanted fat cells.

G-spot amplification

The G-Spot Amplification is a procedure that augments, or enlarges, the G-Spot in women. This is a simple office procedure, which takes about 15 minutes, and results in heightened sexual arousal and an increase in vaginal orgasms.
The G-spot which is located beneath the surface of a woman’s vagina and is about the size of a dime. After an injection of a specially designed filler, under local anesthesia, your new G-Spot has more than doubled in size making it an active part of sexual intercourse. In less than 4 hours your new G-Spot is ready to go*! The results speak for themselves: 87% of women report faster, stronger, and more intense orgasms for four to six months*.

Hymen Reconstruction

More and more women are seeking Hymenoplasty, or reconstruction of the hymen, for a variety of reasons. Hymenoplasty is actually the surgical repair of the hymen, a membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina. In our culture and religion, an intact hymen is traditionally taken to indicate a mark of virginity.
Due to reasons other than intercourse, such as vigorous exercise or tampon insertion, the hymen becomes torn or ruptured. Under such circumstances, many women want their hymen reconstructed, which can be accomplished through a Hymenoplasty.
Dr. Tawfik Sefrioui and his caring, professional staff understand the discrete nature of the need for this type of surgery and, as always, all information will remain strictly confidential. We offer a sensitive, professional approach to the procedure, and during the initial consultation, there will be a female nurse present to help our patients feel more comfortable and secure.